Day 30 – Imperfection


I watch the trees outside move in the breeze.

Their new blossoms flow lazy and smooth. 

This month moves faster than I ever thought it could,

And for the first time I do not look into the mouth of that lion called change,

As May ushers itself in.

Life is long and short,

And springtime is here in all it’s glory before I’ve really bid winter goodbye.

I watch the very first blooms of bleeding hearts in the backyard sway in the wind.

They are me, beautiful in our imperfection. 


Day 16 – Nighttime in Brooklyn

Nighttime in Brooklyn

It is so easy, 

To be lonely in this city.

At nighttime the windows light up,

Lives so colorful in a few buildings,

The Christmas lights,

The seamstress,

The biker,

The green wall.

It is peaceful to watch the curtains mute the lamplight. 

It is calm to be one window in a city of millions.

I wonder if you can see my plants on the windowsill across the way.

Day 1 – Cacti



I am better at taking care of the cactus on my windowsill,

Than I am of myself.

I wonder why it is so easy for my plants.

Maybe, all we need to grow is a little sunlight and water.


Week 5 – Thoughts on Change

Thoughts on Change

This year, my professor told me not to cut the roots of plants,

So that they would stay alive after we finished studying them.


There is something comforting in if change never happened, we wouldn’t have butterflies.