Not 100% sure what to write here… but I’m going to try to be as personal as possible.

My name is Anna, and I’m a recent college grad working in New York City as a geologist. Still a swimmer, still a writer, and still from New Jersey, though I’ve moved to Brooklyn for the time being.

Poetry is something that I do to understand and to express what I experience. I like to write because I hope that my words can help others make sense of their world, like writing does for me. Someday, I’d love to take my poetry further, but for now I share it with you.

Every April, I post daily, original poems in celebration of National Poetry Month. So far, I have successfully completed four years of April poetry. For the second time, from April 2016 to April 2017, I am posting a weekly poem in addition to my daily poetry for the month of April. This year, in April 2017, will be my fifth time attempting this challenge. Thanks for reading and enjoy,


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