Day 23 – Feathers


There is a small patchwork journal in my lap,

I climb flights of stairs to reach the roof.

The sky is is the kind of blue only poets see today,

The cherry blossoms, the rough tiles under my feet. 

Hearts of wood and water. 

These are things worth fighting for.

I Am, Part 2

I Am, Part 2

I am this girl. 

This girl who still loves the sunsets,
But has learned to dance in the rain. 
This girl, who fights for her family, headstrong, a knight and a princess. 
A fish, who will always keep swimming,
Awkwardly beautiful,
Brown eyes sincere,
This girl, who dreams of saving the world, 
Head in the clouds, reaching for the sunshine in the horizon. 
This girl, who has learned her lessons,
Held her head high,
Become strong. 

I am this girl.
And she is capable of writing her own story.