Day 29 – Changing


i’ll be nineteen soon.
hard to imagine, 
growing older, when you gain years
much quicker than you gain wisdom.
i don’t want to be more than a child.
i don’t want time to run out.
i wish i could stop time,
and be young for as long as i like.
but then the magic, 
of running through a rainstorm,
laughing and singing,
of first kisses in the sunshine,
in the trees
of  learning who i am-
would go away.
i don’t want to grow up anymore. 

Day 28 – Hourglass


We all look at the world differently,
but today it all seems to move faster.
My years don’t match my wisdom,
Stupid choices haunt my days,
Haze my nights.
I’ve waited so long to be young and free,
But time has a funny way of moving.
Shaking the hourglass when you least expect it.