Some Updates

Hello, readers, friends, etc.

This post is probably the hardest for me to write. Unfortunately, for health reasons, I’ve struggled this year posting weekly poems and after missing so many weeks in a row, I’ve decided to take a break from posting in order to focus on getting and staying healthy.

Poetry and writing are such important and effective coping mechanisms for me to deal with my world, and while posting has become difficult, I am still writing. I hope to share some of my work from these months come April during my National Poetry Month challenge, which turns six this year.

When I started this blog, it was a creative outlet for a college freshman who needed a voice. I can’t express how grateful I am and how happy it makes me that so much later, so many of you have read and connected to the poetry I write. Thank you for all the comments, the feedback, and even just the quick glance. I appreciate it so much.

Many wishes for the new year,



Week 20 – If Just to Say

If Just to Say

Today in the field
A woman asked myself and my colleagues
If we were a women’s construction company
We told her we were scientists but
Part of me wanted to say yes
If just to say
Here we are
Here we work

We are not going anywhere.

Week 19 – Stumble


I am too good at beginnings.
They last so short, bursts of adrenaline sparking my heart when I see your name.

I feel wise beyond 23 years when I let things begin at the end,
Hope the way I leave you is better than a cold night in Hoboken, coat held to my chest, wondering when I got so lost.

It is so easy to smile at your butterflies.

Let me stumble into your arms.


Week 18 – November


I wind my scarf around my neck.
The leaves blow into my arms as I walk to the subway.
It is cold again, and I am glad to feel each breath in my lungs.

I will let the trees remind me, it is time again to let go.


Week 17 – I Could Write About the Rain

I Could Write About the Rain

I could write about the rain.

I could write about wet umbrellas,
About the keys in my coat pocket,
The puddles around the bean boots on my feet.

I could write about how for the first time in a long time, I am learning to trust my muscles.

I could write how I am learning, again, to swim.