Day 30 – War Paint, Part 3

War Paint, Part 3

For the first time in a long time I forget my lipstick
I let my hair down in the breeze

My heart feels a little lighter and my skin feels my own when I flex my fingers
I remember months of walks in the East Village, the same refrains, like I’ll never be the same.

This life changes me and I know now needing my armor doesn’t take away my strength.

I push my glasses up and sniffle in the spring evening.
For the first time in a long time I breathe deep and let go.


Day 29 – Metropolitan


The days roll out together because I️ always know I️ have a place to be.
I️ take the train home,
Watch the L at the opposite platform swish toward Manhattan into the night.
I️ am a small person, in a big city.

Day 28 – East River State Park

East River State Park

Some days I keep my toes in the water
And my head in the clouds

I remember I have places my hands have touched and I have learned to love
I want to show them to you,
But they are mine and they bring me sunshine on rainy days

I walk on my own across bridges and beaches and I remember a little dirt on the knees of my jeans is nothing to be afraid of.

When I fall too much I remember my place is always in my own hands, my own heart.

Day 26 – Rain


I sit on a Friday night in the rain
At a bus stop on Eastern Parkway.

I play the same songs over in my head,
Stay a little longer, like I’ll never be the same.

The heat is starting to break and I am reminded of another Friday night in August,
That a year has turned and my trip around the sun complete since the worst of days.

It sticks in my memory but I choose to walk home, rain coating my glasses, soaking my hair.
My heart is full and my steps are sure as I keep moving on forward.

Lighting flashes and I am just another girl in Brooklyn, dancing in the rain.

This time, I can see it.