Day 30 – War Paint, Part 3

War Paint, Part 3

For the first time in a long time I forget my lipstick
I let my hair down in the breeze

My heart feels a little lighter and my skin feels my own when I flex my fingers
I remember months of walks in the East Village, the same refrains, like I’ll never be the same.

This life changes me and I know now needing my armor doesn’t take away my strength.

I push my glasses up and sniffle in the spring evening.
For the first time in a long time I breathe deep and let go.


Day 27 – Change of Winds

Change of Winds

It is such a strange time
The world is endlessly possible
I want to live in it for awhile
Dance in the rain

The sky is deep and blue and the sun is strong and I wonder if I’ll someday learn to be less confused

I can feel the change of winds.

Day 10 – Daffodils


I find daffodils on East Houston Street
They take me back in memory and I remember just how hard it can be to keep moving forward
How spring is coming and the air will be alive again, a warmth that holds tight to my fingertips.

I try to count my days the way I count the bobby pins i slide into my hair in the morning.

One, at a time.