Day 14 – Sunshine


Life never stands quite still,
Yet change never comes in a day, an hour, a minute.
Change runs like the tide,
Rivers through rock, always winding,
Finding their way back home.

There is a power in moving slowly, in taking the time to carve canyons from the mountains,
The choice to continue to move with the motion instead of hold fast against.

One sunny day in April will not change the mountains I climb or the miles I have to go.

I can only choose to hold good days in my heart and string them together,
Let life be good when it is not perfect,
Expect from myself what I expect from my plants on my windowsill –

Sunshine, water, time, to grow.


Week 7 – August In July

August In July

It is my favorite part of the summer. 

The air gets chilly at night, 

Like fall is reaching out the window and blowing kisses onto my cheeks.


I watch the sun set over Classon Avenue.

The street is quiet as Sunday mornings, 

The moon shines on my back as the sun sinks beneath the skyline.


It gives me my life, it gives me my words. 

For the first time in a long time, I find myself writing. 

Week 24 – There is a Rainbow Somewhere

There is a Rainbow Somewhere

Sun showers, 

And waiting to run to the car,

Through sheets of rain.

The sky is clear now and,

Clouds look like the mountains I know so well.


The light turns colors and a small rainbow is born,

The air smells of heat and dust and clean, 

I breathe in and feel the trees in my lungs.

There is a rainbow somewhere,

And the promise that somehow,

The worst is through.