Day 30 – Reflections

It’s almost ironic that this poem is called reflections, because yet again April is ending and so is this challenge. I’ve realized recently how much I’ve loved writing poems daily and I’m hoping to keep doing that and keep posting, because writing is such a joy. I hope you’ve all enjoyed this challenge nearly as much as I have, and please enjoy this last one and the many more to come. I am truly amazed by how much my little blog has grown, so thank you all!

Day 30 РReflections 

The month is ending,
And I sit by a window,
Wondering the same things,
As when it began.

Will it ever stop raining?
Will I not fail statistics?
Will I be able to shave those few more seconds off my 50?

Have I been braver?

Have I learned from my mistakes?
Have I grown?

April ends,
In the same rainstorm that brought it in.
But I breathe and let the water,
Rescue me.

Teach me to face my fear,
Take a breath,
And dive into life.


Day 27 – Abuelo y Abuela

Day 27 – Abuelo y Abuela

I am asked to remember.

But the only thing that comes to mind,
Is you.

You came here from Cuba,
With one suitcase to your name,
On a marriage visa,
And a passport you went to hell, and back,
To get.

You too,
Fought insurmountable odds,
To make a better life,
For my mother, for me.

I am Cuban, Hispanic, second generation American,
A Jewish Latina,
Loud and proud and the best things,
You taught me,
Spanish and Yiddish and English,

It is for your wisdom, and your foresight,
That I am here, and I am healthy, and happy.
It is for your perseverance, and your struggle,
That I am a college sophomore with a future not you nor I could have ever dreamed of.

You taught me that one is not a survivor,
One is a fighter.
One must never stop learning,
For the path to the future,
Lies in the lessons we take from our families, from the past.

We recite psalms and we remember,
And I,
I remember, and I try my best to honor,