Day 29 – Time


There is a book on my shelf.
It is worn and tired, my fingers have touched the pages so many times,
I’ve memorized the stories and my heart no longer jumps when I️ read the ending.

Years ago, it felt so fresh and raw.
Tonight I️ wonder when we all grew up.

I️ am thankful for who I️ am now.

I️ am glad you are a part of my bookshelf.

I️ am ready, finally, after all this time, to admit the things I’ve been scared to for so long.

Time heals all wounds.


Day 3 – Rewritten


I hope you’re happy. 

It’s all I can say,

When the doors are closed

And the covers are shut.

I suppose the last thing I can do is thank you.

For the part of me, you left me the room to build.

I am glad to have rewritten the stories.