Day 30 – Meadow


Here I am.


A month gone by so fast,

Just as confused as when it started.


Snow gives way to sun gives way to rain,

And it is as if the trees don’t know to bloom or keep their leaves in.


Here I am,

Standing on the ledges of my life.

All of me wants to run back across the meadow.


But I know,

Scary as it is, I must jump into the waters,

And swim.


Day 29 – Touch the Sky

Touch the Sky 

Today, you tell me you found what you are looking for.


It’s always been a competition between us,

Who can outrun the other.


I’ve learned that some need to win,

And I am only able to swim to my other shore,

Across my own ocean.


This is my cross to bear,

And I smile because things grow from the ground up.


Sometimes, there is nothing more beautiful than reaching up to touch the sky.

Day 27 – Swirl


Tonight is bittersweet.


I am home, wrapped in a blanket of pool water and blueberry smoothies.


Sometimes life is as simple as breathing,

And as much as I want to push pause on the rolling waves,

I can’t.


I swim on and on, as if it is the last thing I have left.

So much changes,

And warm hands on my heart,

Must let go.


I wish I could chart the unknown with you.