Day 30 – Change


Of all the things in my life,
You are the only constant.

Through the mountains,
And the valleys,
I’ve prayed.

Change will come,
Change will come.

Looking back on a year,
You have brought me into,
And out of the dark.

You make me stronger,
And you have taught me,
That I only need to close my eyes,
And I will have the wings,
To fly.


Day 27 – Memory


I never forget a face.

I see you,
From chemistry discussion,
From Shakespeare.

From that time we met on a bus,
From walking past you and knowing your name.

I will never truly forget,
Those small interactions.

I will remember your features,
The way your eyes turn up when you smile,
The sound of your laugh,
The soft touch of your hands,
The dart that goes through my heart whenever you are close.

I will always remember how you make me feel.