Week 7 – August In July

August In July

It is my favorite part of the summer. 

The air gets chilly at night, 

Like fall is reaching out the window and blowing kisses onto my cheeks.


I watch the sun set over Classon Avenue.

The street is quiet as Sunday mornings, 

The moon shines on my back as the sun sinks beneath the skyline.


It gives me my life, it gives me my words. 

For the first time in a long time, I find myself writing. 


Week 18 – Early Thursday Evening

Early Thursday Evening 

I’m searching for words.


I know I haven’t written in a while,

So I don’t know where to find them.


Eventually life becomes a groove and it’s easy to forget,

How easy it is to be.


I love the way the train sways me to sleep in the mornings.


Day 23 – Ink


Words run from my fingertips,
Onto the page.

I know my life is paved in small ruts and gullys, wetlands in the middle of the trees.

Nature clears itself, and I let the water filter my heart, leave the good things,
Let the things that hold me back go.

Words run from my fingertips,
Like water, like love,
Onto the page.