Day 30 – Imperfection


I watch the trees outside move in the breeze.

Their new blossoms flow lazy and smooth. 

This month moves faster than I ever thought it could,

And for the first time I do not look into the mouth of that lion called change,

As May ushers itself in.

Life is long and short,

And springtime is here in all it’s glory before I’ve really bid winter goodbye.

I watch the very first blooms of bleeding hearts in the backyard sway in the wind.

They are me, beautiful in our imperfection. 


Day 21 – Mental Health Day

Mental Health Day

Soft strains of guitar music float through the screen. 

The east side light of the late afternoon mixing sun against the tree branches.

It is a sleepy little corner of Brooklyn my window faces today.

Day 12 – Twenty-third


Change is never easy.

I have replaced a tree outside one window with a new one,

One small corner of the universe.

Another year passes and I wonder where the time went.

Colors fly and suddenly the flowers bloom again.

It is peaceful in this twenty third April.


Day 8 – Good Morning

Good Morning

The sun is shining.

I roll down the windows and turn on the radio,

What you feel is what you are.

The branches wave at me as I drive past,

Spring has blossomed into being.

I let the warmth of the air kiss me good morning. 


Day 2 – Baseball Season

Baseball Season

The sun wakes me through the window this morning.

Baseball hats are out,

The trees unfurl into the light. 

Life is bright this Sunday morning.