Week 8 – You give me butterflies

You give me butterflies 

You give me butterflies

You make me smile and frown 

I am surprised at how my emotions change on my face

The little muscles you can touch without even putting your fingers on me

I am so in hope with you. 


Day 13 – Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole

One day,

And it is hard to put into words,

This kind of love.


It is a kind you need to see,

To hear,

To touch and feel in your hands.


It is water on a cloudless day,

Soil under fingernails and runny noses,

The soft touch of leaves,

The sun brushing kisses onto my cheeks.


One day,

And I could live in this love forever.

Day 5 – Touch Air

Touch Air

I reach out,

Brush the tips of you with my fingers.

I guess when you love someone once,
There is always a part of yourself,
You give away.

It is just a moment in the night,

When I reach,
And my hands touch air.