Week 2 – Gotham


A thunderstorm has come calling tonight.

Curled in my little room, drops land on my windows,

Run rivulets on the fire escape.

I close my eyes and listen to the sound of the rain.


I cannot wait to see the rainbows in the mists of a tomorrow’s sunny morning. 


Day 13 – Thunder


There will be days like these 

Nights and mornings and dusk coming

Bicycles on the curb and the word enough scrawled across the sky. 

I wish for the clouds to break into the thunderstorms in me. 

Week 13 – Thoughts on Rain and Moving On

Thoughts on Rain and Moving On

The rain is coming down tonight,
And it is neither poetic nor beautiful.

I wonder why I always tell myself to move forward,
When my shoes are wet and the dirt from the street,
Has soaked into my socks.

Someone has to know why they say,
It’s always better to move on.


Day 3 – Spring Storms

Spring Storms


And the world feels like it’s coming apart around me.


There is something soothing,

About standing in the eye of a hurricane.

It is a beautiful madness.


Week 44 – Clean


Early morning thunderstorms,

Lay back and watch the lighting.


Soar across the sky and tear the world apart.

Bring the butterflies home,

Patch the world in clouds and deep clean the trees.


There is a loving comfort in such madness.