Day 16 – Believe


I️ walk to my transfer on the subway.

In front of me are two girls, sparkling and done up and beautiful.
I️ follow in my bean boots and with my backpack, layers of sweater under my coat.

For a long time I️ felt I️ had to compete with you,
That my version of beautiful,
Just doesn’t measure up.

I️t is enough tonight to be me, to have tangles in my hair and my favorite purple lipstick, reminding myself who I️ am.

There is no reason not to believe it.


Week 25 – Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

It’s like the world’s rolled backwards.

80 on an October Monday, light when I get off the G train on my way home. 

The sun peeking through the clouds and the slight smell of saltwater and humidity I know so well as summer.

Girls in matching backpacks cross the road,

And four story buildings are starting to be home more than ever. 

Its like August is here again, and I’m out of place in my sweater. 

What a strange day.