Week 11 – Central Park West

Central Park West

New York City is so quiet in the early morning

The dew still kisses Central Park West,

The sidewalks look cleaner in their emptiness.

The breeze catches my hair,

Combs it with it’s fingers.

Taxis drive by into the peace.


Week 10 – August Rainbows

August Rainbows

I should remember, 

Life is only a summer storm.

The heat and the fire and the wind come quickly,

And if one can stand the rain – 

It is cool and quiet and peace, 

On the other side. 

Week 2 – Gotham


A thunderstorm has come calling tonight.

Curled in my little room, drops land on my windows,

Run rivulets on the fire escape.

I close my eyes and listen to the sound of the rain.


I cannot wait to see the rainbows in the mists of a tomorrow’s sunny morning. 


Day 15 – Ode to a Sunny Day and Accomplishment

Ode to a Sunny Day and Accomplishment

Lots of sunshine today.

I feel it on my face and in my heart.


Some things are meant to be carried alone,

But this is something I have earned the right to call mine.


As deep as the blue sky,

As sure as the sun rises in the east,

I know this is my place.


Week 34 – Drown Me

Drown Me

I miss the water.

Rushing through my system.

I miss the moments,

Swimming through and finding rhythm.

Drown me, let me breathe.

Let me be.