Week 19 – Stumble


I am too good at beginnings.
They last so short, bursts of adrenaline sparking my heart when I see your name.

I feel wise beyond 23 years when I let things begin at the end,
Hope the way I leave you is better than a cold night in Hoboken, coat held to my chest, wondering when I got so lost.

It is so easy to smile at your butterflies.

Let me stumble into your arms.


Day 16 – Nighttime in Brooklyn

Nighttime in Brooklyn

It is so easy, 

To be lonely in this city.

At nighttime the windows light up,

Lives so colorful in a few buildings,

The Christmas lights,

The seamstress,

The biker,

The green wall.

It is peaceful to watch the curtains mute the lamplight. 

It is calm to be one window in a city of millions.

I wonder if you can see my plants on the windowsill across the way.

Week 28 – Supermoon


Centre street is quiet.

The cars move, but it’s like a blanket has fallen on a busy city. 

The clouds are low, 

And things feel soft,

Flags waving over City Hall Park,

The leaves rippling as the crosstown bus moves past.

The financial district is slow and steady and quiet tonight.

Even the city that never sleeps,

Needs to rest its heart once in a while. 

My soul rests besides Broadway tonight.