Week 33 – Cattails, Part 2

Cattails, Part 2

Dark December evenings,

Sitting on a train passing over the Passaic river,

Watching the lights slide and wondering if I’ll ever be better than I am.

I miss the sun in my hair and the wind off the water,

The faint saltwater on my skin.

The best thing and the only thing I know.

I can watch the phragmites dance along the tracks,

And in winter rain, they can almost be cattails. 

If I look hard enough, I sometimes can’t see the difference.


Beginning Again

Beginning Again

Fall is coming.

Tonight football returns with a smile,
And tomorrow the sun reflects
Through changing leaves of trees.
The air pushes and pulls my hair,
Braids it with the smell of leaves and sweaters
Chunky knits and moccasins and blue jeans.
It is time to begin again,
The season of repentance,
Of acceptance.
With a football under my arm, 
And change in the air,
I can believe again,
Begin again,
Be happy. 


Day 5 – Champagne Flutes

Sorry, guys! Between not using the computer on Saturdays, and a few interviews, i’m behind. So enjoy triple poems today.

Champagne Flutes

here’s to twenty thirteen.
treat me gently,
rock me to sleep, 
through summits and valleys.
keep me safe, keep me strong.
be tender, be true.
so find champagne bottles,
and empty glasses.
for the newness,
for the opportunity,
for the chances,
for the changes.
raise your glass,
and life your life.