Week 29 – Sweetness


I’ve been told,

To wish others a sweet year,

Because bad things may be what we need some days.

I believe in the bitter and the sweet, 

In the honey and the sting.


New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve

It is a new year.

A beginning, a time to look forward. 

A chance to love, and to change, and to make the right mistakes. 

A new song, chords striking, a guitar running the right way.

Hope, for change and for new beginnings, and most of all, for love. 

It is a new year. 

And this time, I am ready to embrace it. 

This New Year

This New Year

This new year, I wish for peace. 

For roots to take hold and grow into flowers,

For the sky to be sunny, and the waters clear for sailing.

I wish for blessing, for the seasons to come and go,

To accept what I cannot change and face what I fear with a smile.

I have high hopes for this new year, 

For the chances, for the changes, for the hope it brings me, 

Knowing that time moves like the waves do, a constant motion, rolling forward, forward, forward. 

It is time to take the breath before the plunge. 

Walk forward, and don’t look back. 



I want to be kinder, wiser. To forgive, but not forget, smile and walk past without bitterness.

I want to be graceful, but graceless, to dance without fear. 

I am awkward, yet sincere.

Always a fish out of water, but capable of standing on my own two feet. 

I want to be me. 

And maybe, with the rolling tides of a new year and the promise of new horizons,

I will find myself, and be happy.