Week 24 – There is a Rainbow Somewhere

There is a Rainbow Somewhere

Sun showers, 

And waiting to run to the car,

Through sheets of rain.

The sky is clear now and,

Clouds look like the mountains I know so well.


The light turns colors and a small rainbow is born,

The air smells of heat and dust and clean, 

I breathe in and feel the trees in my lungs.

There is a rainbow somewhere,

And the promise that somehow,

The worst is through. 


Beginning Again

Beginning Again

Fall is coming.

Tonight football returns with a smile,
And tomorrow the sun reflects
Through changing leaves of trees.
The air pushes and pulls my hair,
Braids it with the smell of leaves and sweaters
Chunky knits and moccasins and blue jeans.
It is time to begin again,
The season of repentance,
Of acceptance.
With a football under my arm, 
And change in the air,
I can believe again,
Begin again,
Be happy.