Day 29 – Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc

Hot spring nights, 

The world is flowers and pollen.

I walk down suburban streets and think of you.

I don’t know why my mind comes back,

Why you knowing me as I am is something I want to hold on to.

My thoughts jumble at the bottom of the bottle.

I wonder if I’ve had too much wine tonight. 

Day 27 – Scars


I wonder why some days it hurts to write.

Why I am made of skin and sinew and muscle but my heart is such a fragile thing.

Why my joints complain on sunny days, why heat makes me want to run and hide in the cold wind.

I wonder why we break, and I wonder why our scars knit us whole again.

We fall apart, and fall together.

Day 10 – Silly Little Love Song

Silly Little Love Song

This is my silly little love song,

To the smell of the leaves in the air,

To the sunshine,

To the gold in my hair,

To the electric tumble of springtime, 

To the feeling that there is something on the horizon to look forward to.

This is my ode to you.