Week 7 – Early Summer Concerts

Early Summer Concerts

Let go.
Throw your head back.

Let your soul sing.





I break a promise made to help lock up my heart. 

And yet, I know there is no better way out than through. 

Letting go is so hard, but clutching onto the balloon strings push redness into my hands,

And eventually, the pain of holding on is more than the pain of letting go. 

So I will step back and watch the colors as they float into a cold blue sky, 

Wondering what will become of memory, of snippets of time. 

My heart is lighter, but the process is slow, and I have miles to go before I sleep. 

Today I let the balloons go, in a clearing of wood and trees and happy things, 

Take the lessons learned and release the mix of feelings, the sadness and the euphoria.

I will travel my roads, and if our paths cross, I will hold my head high and smile, 

let the sun and the poems and the stories warm me,

Help me, to live and let go.