Day 25 – The Things I Carry, Part 3

The Things I Carry, Part 3

I wonder why the phrase is I suffer
When it really should be I live

I have to learn to be okay with being a little broken
I have to take my time to heal and know my heart will never be the same.

We are meant to survive what we are given

So I say I live and not I suffer
Because to live with it means it is part of me
But I am part of it
I’ll go back and forth and sit with it
That’s all this is, it’s life

I will learn to love it


Week 6 – tonight i am not scared to grow up

tonight i am not scared to grow up

for a long time,

i was afraid to grow up.

i forgot,

that just as the grass and the sunflowers and the cattails grow,

strong and tall and beautiful

So do I.

Day 22 – Pier 17

Small children find a puddle on the pier.

“Come, look! There’s a rainbow!” 

I look up, but clouds coat the horizon.

A small boy sits near a puddle,

And I know the rainbow he sees,

The soft colored sheen of what the cars have left behind on the sidewalk. 

I realize he has the depth of this city measured,

Better than I do,

Than my lithology and my chemistry can tell me. 

I should look through his eyes more often. 

Day 6 – Wisdom

Day 6 – Wisdom

I have learned,
Many things in this life,

To let go,
Because the best way out,
Is through.

Life is not measured in moments,
But by the souls who spend the years,
Making you laugh.

Trust is a rare and beautiful thing,
But faith-
In yourself,
In people,
In life,
Is what holds our hands through thunderstorms.

Love is as perennial as the spring,
And you can never really cease to believe in it.

Wisdom is wonderful,
But it is better to be graceful,
Than bitter.

The ones that love you will stand by you,
And your family, whatever you know that to be,
Will keep you strong.

I have learned many things in this life,
Most importantly,
It goes on.