Day 26 – Windows


They say when a door closes a window opens,
I stare out a second floor window on a floor full of exit signs and yet no way out.

Baby steps, I remember, and try to wear a smile and keep my laughter unguarded, protecting my heart.

Maybe I’m not meant to be given a window.
Maybe I’m meant to make my own.


Day 25 – The Things I Carry, Part 3

The Things I Carry, Part 3

I wonder why the phrase is I suffer
When it really should be I live

I have to learn to be okay with being a little broken
I have to take my time to heal and know my heart will never be the same.

We are meant to survive what we are given

So I say I live and not I suffer
Because to live with it means it is part of me
But I am part of it
I’ll go back and forth and sit with it
That’s all this is, it’s life

I will learn to love it

Day 12 – Sun Shower

Sun Shower

The sun showers down Delancey Street.
I pull my hood up and look to the sky, remember my mother’s words,
There is a rainbow somewhere, even if you can’t see it.

I am not perfect, this day is not perfect, and one sun shower is never the solution to the things I carry with me to East Ninth Street every Tuesday,
So I remember how I am a mix of things that shouldn’t go together but somehow find a home,
The sun and the rain and the sky,
The beautiful promise that the world isn’t ending under my fingertips.

The sun showers down Delancey Street and I smile in its warmth and glow.