Week 4 – Butterflies


It’s been months.

Too much time since hearing your voice on the phone,

Your hands across from mine.


There are too many complications on the table tonight.


Just for an evening in the summer, let these butterflies in my heart be right.


Week 1 – Hoyt-Schermerhorn


I am crammed on the A train,

Next to a man in an MTA hat. 

I nudge him as I wedge my body in,

We defy the laws of physics and he returns my smile and eye contact.


It is a small moment, but we are two people crammed in like sardines,

One of many stories,

Going home to our loved ones and our beds on this rainy Friday evening.


Our lives touch for a second, spiraling out like ribbons, greens and blues and the orange of the trains leaving the station.

I am struck by how we interact, human to human, soul to soul.


For one afternoon commute, I believe in hope. 

Day 29 – Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc

Hot spring nights, 

The world is flowers and pollen.

I walk down suburban streets and think of you.

I don’t know why my mind comes back,

Why you knowing me as I am is something I want to hold on to.

My thoughts jumble at the bottom of the bottle.

I wonder if I’ve had too much wine tonight. 


Day 22 – Pier 17

Small children find a puddle on the pier.

“Come, look! There’s a rainbow!” 

I look up, but clouds coat the horizon.

A small boy sits near a puddle,

And I know the rainbow he sees,

The soft colored sheen of what the cars have left behind on the sidewalk. 

I realize he has the depth of this city measured,

Better than I do,

Than my lithology and my chemistry can tell me. 

I should look through his eyes more often. 


Day 15 – An Ode to the Impossible

An Ode to the Impossible

I could write you,

A thousand love letters,

And it wouldn’t mean a thing.

Closed books and pressed roses,

Phone calls and that smile I know so well to mean butterflies.

There are so many things I wish for.

I have a talent for finding the impossible.