Week 5 – Things Have Gone Wrong Today

Things Have Gone Wrong Today

Part of me,

Is wishful thinking,

Is reading into the words,

Is beating heart and wondering,

If it’s my fault.


Time and time again,

I can’t keep my heart from bleeding onto my sleeve.


I wonder when I will be enough. 


Day 28 – Butterflies


Give me something to write about. 

Give me that smile I know means if I haven’t fallen yet I will.

Give me something I can write about,

Give me roses and stories and anything to make my heart soar.

I want butterflies with you. 

Day 27 – Scars


I wonder why some days it hurts to write.

Why I am made of skin and sinew and muscle but my heart is such a fragile thing.

Why my joints complain on sunny days, why heat makes me want to run and hide in the cold wind.

I wonder why we break, and I wonder why our scars knit us whole again.

We fall apart, and fall together.


Day 23 – Feathers


There is a small patchwork journal in my lap,

I climb flights of stairs to reach the roof.

The sky is is the kind of blue only poets see today,

The cherry blossoms, the rough tiles under my feet. 

Hearts of wood and water. 

These are things worth fighting for.


Day 20 – Fulton Street

Fulton Street

I know the sound of the streets in Manhattan,

My heart races with the G into the Brooklyn night.

I wonder why life is drawn in subway lines,

Where the heart is that these veins seek.

Who am I to map this corner of the universe,

My balcony a fire escape, to your views of the East River. 

I live in one city and hundreds at once.