Week 6 – tonight i am not scared to grow up

tonight i am not scared to grow up

for a long time,

i was afraid to grow up.

i forgot,

that just as the grass and the sunflowers and the cattails grow,

strong and tall and beautiful

So do I.


Day 30 – Imperfection


I watch the trees outside move in the breeze.

Their new blossoms flow lazy and smooth. 

This month moves faster than I ever thought it could,

And for the first time I do not look into the mouth of that lion called change,

As May ushers itself in.

Life is long and short,

And springtime is here in all it’s glory before I’ve really bid winter goodbye.

I watch the very first blooms of bleeding hearts in the backyard sway in the wind.

They are me, beautiful in our imperfection. 

Week 27 – South Station, Again

South Station, Again

For the second time,

I’m moving through south station.

It’s been years, and I can smile at the memories.

I was so hopeful then,

But I left Michigan at the bar last night and knew it was for the best.

I love that growing up doesn’t always have to feel so scary,

That Boston can be something new to me even after a perfect day six years ago. 

It’s good to know new cities can feel as home as New York does tonight.