Day 21 – Anger


It’s hard to write poems when I am angry
My limbs feel explosive and energy courses through my veins,
My heart beats and I try to lean into it,
Relax my hands when they don’t want to stay still enough for me to hold a pen.

I am always in awe of how my body holds my feelings.


Day 1 – First, To Myself

First, To Myself

Tonight I remembered
I️ don’t need to conquer every fear at once
I can go slow
One at a time

I remembered what it feels like to cry
Not because I am broken
But because I am healing

I remembered to lay down my armor for a moment
To be human
To be kind,
First, to myself.

Day 22 – Weary

This poem is a throwback, enjoy!

Day 22 – Weary 

I miss you.
It’s hard to admit,
but I do.

We got older,
and maybe time caught up to us,
too fast.

I miss us,
I miss you.

I can’t deny that.

I look for you in the dark,
Wish to crawl into you when my head is weary.

I miss your smell, your body.
But mostly,
I miss you smiling at me,
In person, not over the phone.

I wish you were here.