Week 19 – Stumble


I am too good at beginnings.
They last so short, bursts of adrenaline sparking my heart when I see your name.

I feel wise beyond 23 years when I let things begin at the end,
Hope the way I leave you is better than a cold night in Hoboken, coat held to my chest, wondering when I got so lost.

It is so easy to smile at your butterflies.

Let me stumble into your arms.


Week 19 – Closer


I know I should quit you.


You are magic,

Beautiful things float past my eyes and I could stay in here forever.


But at the end of the day it’s just a dream.


I know I should quit you,

Roses and all.


Let beautiful colorful flowers be.

Week 17 – Thoughts on the End of Summer

Thoughts on theĀ End of Summer

The train is strangely empty today.


Another work week is gone,

School begins again and the breath of the city changes.


Soon, the leaves will turn and a chill will be on the morning air,

Coats will come out of closets and cloudless afternoons on the pier will be memory.


Life is beginning to turn again with September.