Week 2 – Mess


Life is messy.


I want to drive into the sunset and go so far,

I lose the tune of the radio.

I don’t know how to fix you and me,

But I can try.


Everything is so messy right now.

It feels like the world is tumbling out of my hands.


But I suppose once we break,

We can only be put back together.


For every sunset there is a sunrise on the opposite horizon.

Day 22 – Weary

This poem is a throwback, enjoy!

Day 22 РWeary 

I miss you.
It’s hard to admit,
but I do.

We got older,
and maybe time caught up to us,
too fast.

I miss us,
I miss you.

I can’t deny that.

I look for you in the dark,
Wish to crawl into you when my head is weary.

I miss your smell, your body.
But mostly,
I miss you smiling at me,
In person, not over the phone.

I wish you were here.