Week 4 – Butterflies


It’s been months.

Too much time since hearing your voice on the phone,

Your hands across from mine.


There are too many complications on the table tonight.


Just for an evening in the summer, let these butterflies in my heart be right.


Week 2 – Mess


Life is messy.


I want to drive into the sunset and go so far,

I lose the tune of the radio.

I don’t know how to fix you and me,

But I can try.


Everything is so messy right now.

It feels like the world is tumbling out of my hands.


But I suppose once we break,

We can only be put back together.


For every sunset there is a sunrise on the opposite horizon.

Day 22 – Weary

This poem is a throwback, enjoy!

Day 22 РWeary 

I miss you.
It’s hard to admit,
but I do.

We got older,
and maybe time caught up to us,
too fast.

I miss us,
I miss you.

I can’t deny that.

I look for you in the dark,
Wish to crawl into you when my head is weary.

I miss your smell, your body.
But mostly,
I miss you smiling at me,
In person, not over the phone.

I wish you were here.