Week 1 – Hoyt-Schermerhorn


I am crammed on the A train,

Next to a man in an MTA hat. 

I nudge him as I wedge my body in,

We defy the laws of physics and he returns my smile and eye contact.


It is a small moment, but we are two people crammed in like sardines,

One of many stories,

Going home to our loved ones and our beds on this rainy Friday evening.


Our lives touch for a second, spiraling out like ribbons, greens and blues and the orange of the trains leaving the station.

I am struck by how we interact, human to human, soul to soul.


For one afternoon commute, I believe in hope. 


Week 14 – Heat Wave

Heat Wave

I don’t understand,

How I can be water logged and melt,

At the same time.


Am I built of the same metals,

Or does the blood in my veins run different colors different days.


Humanity is crushed into a small steel box,

And we at least,

Will melt to calcium carbonate together.