Week 19 – Stumble


I am too good at beginnings.
They last so short, bursts of adrenaline sparking my heart when I see your name.

I feel wise beyond 23 years when I let things begin at the end,
Hope the way I leave you is better than a cold night in Hoboken, coat held to my chest, wondering when I got so lost.

It is so easy to smile at your butterflies.

Let me stumble into your arms.


Week 8 – You give me butterflies

You give me butterflies 

You give me butterflies

You make me smile and frown 

I am surprised at how my emotions change on my face

The little muscles you can touch without even putting your fingers on me

I am so in hope with you. 


Week 4 – Butterflies


It’s been months.

Too much time since hearing your voice on the phone,

Your hands across from mine.


There are too many complications on the table tonight.


Just for an evening in the summer, let these butterflies in my heart be right.


Day 28 – Butterflies


Give me something to write about. 

Give me that smile I know means if I haven’t fallen yet I will.

Give me something I can write about,

Give me roses and stories and anything to make my heart soar.

I want butterflies with you.