Day 20 – Fulton Street

Fulton Street

I know the sound of the streets in Manhattan,

My heart races with the G into the Brooklyn night.

I wonder why life is drawn in subway lines,

Where the heart is that these veins seek.

Who am I to map this corner of the universe,

My balcony a fire escape, to your views of the East River. 

I live in one city and hundreds at once. 

Day 16 – Nighttime in Brooklyn

Nighttime in Brooklyn

It is so easy, 

To be lonely in this city.

At nighttime the windows light up,

Lives so colorful in a few buildings,

The Christmas lights,

The seamstress,

The biker,

The green wall.

It is peaceful to watch the curtains mute the lamplight. 

It is calm to be one window in a city of millions.

I wonder if you can see my plants on the windowsill across the way.