Week 17 – Thoughts on the End of Summer

Thoughts on the End of Summer

The train is strangely empty today.


Another work week is gone,

School begins again and the breath of the city changes.


Soon, the leaves will turn and a chill will be on the morning air,

Coats will come out of closets and cloudless afternoons on the pier will be memory.


Life is beginning to turn again with September.


Day 20 – Begin


It is spring again.

The trees blossom and another year has passed.


This time it feels like an ending,

But nature turns and the earth will bloom again in color in the fall.


I watch the sun rise and when dawn comes it is time to move on.


It is strange when beginnings are endings too.

Week 41 – Into the Sun

Into the Sun

Three years,

Three years and I’ve nearly laid you to rest in my memory.


Three years of a book open on my shelf.


You are my vines in a field of roses,

My snow in a cold November.


I run to you always, but our roads have met and diverged enough I know to tell my feet not to go back, to move forward.


We are imperfect people,

But our perfection was always the calm in the chaos.


I like to walk away from you, into the sun.

This New Year

This New Year

This new year, I wish for peace. 

For roots to take hold and grow into flowers,

For the sky to be sunny, and the waters clear for sailing.

I wish for blessing, for the seasons to come and go,

To accept what I cannot change and face what I fear with a smile.

I have high hopes for this new year, 

For the chances, for the changes, for the hope it brings me, 

Knowing that time moves like the waves do, a constant motion, rolling forward, forward, forward. 

It is time to take the breath before the plunge. 

Walk forward, and don’t look back.