Week 6 – tonight i am not scared to grow up

tonight i am not scared to grow up

for a long time,

i was afraid to grow up.

i forgot,

that just as the grass and the sunflowers and the cattails grow,

strong and tall and beautiful

So do I.


Week 8 – Apartment Hunting

Apartment Hunting

Growing up is hard to do.


I try not to cry in a train station,

Knowing my days are numbered that I will be there,

Going home.


Since I was fifteen, I’ve dreamed of fire escapes and small apartments,

But it is hard to unlock the window,

When it’s safe behind the glass.


The world waits for no one,

And rarely do I look before I begin to swim.


It is time to find my rhythm again.

Day 6 – Growing Up

Growing Up

there is a time in your life,
when you’re fourteen,
and you think the world runs in black and white.
and then the world explodes in to colors 
of first kisses, and first tough exams, and of course, 
infield dirt and grass stains.
sixteen, now,
and those lines begin to blur,
as you learn that friends don’t always stay,
and laughs don’t last forever
seventeen, and you find yourself
looking in the mirror and wishing for change.
maybe knowing, 
the only person who can save you is yourself.
supposedly an adult, 
sitting in a dorm bed, 
wondering who decided that you’re not a child anymore.
young heart, 
innocent head,
running around,
because today, the air smells like sunshine.
and with age, you learn that life is as perennial as the grass,
and you might as well live it.