April 2017


Today is March 31st, and April is here again, time for another National Poetry Month challenge. This year is the five year anniversary of what began as a creative outlet for a freshman in college. It’s blossomed into so much more, and I’m grateful and thankful to everyone who gives this blog a read and my poems a chance to touch hearts.

This fifth challenge is different, and honestly more challenging, for lack of a better word. I’m living on my own, working full time, and I struggle to write as often as I have in the past. Still, I am hopeful I can complete this month’s challenge – I am excited to welcome in spring with a daily dose of poetry.

As always, thank you and happy reading.



Week 46 – Into the Windows

Into the Windows

After a while, a body knows.

When even the start is out of reach. 

There are too many what ifs, too many things unsaid.

But this is barely a beginning, not an end.

Curl with me, into the windows.