Week 37 – Five O’Clock

Five O’Clock

It has been a long winter.

The darkness comes in with the snow,

The window is numb to my touch,

My fingertips burn.

Tonight I look up,

The sky is cloudless and the sun setting in the west on the Hudson River takes my breath away.

It has been a long time since I have seen the sun set,

The days are getting longer and I know there is still a long road ahead.

There are daffodils at the florist.

Spring, is slowly finding its way here. 


Week 36 – Thoughts on a January Friday

Thoughts on a January Friday

There is fear in the air today.

I wonder, 

If that fear is a bad thing.

Only when one is scared can one be brave,

Change comes on the wind and I refuse to break. 

Charted territory is only such because someone thrust into the unknown to make the map. 

I will not let this fear take me.

I will be scared, I will let it make me strong.

I can face this thing that comes along. 

Week 35 – East River

East River

I think, this is a moment to light a candle instead of cursing the darkness. 

There is a woman putting on lipstick,

Tourists taking pictures,

A man on the phone venting about his marital problems.

I suppose I’m just one figure on this pier,

Eating pasta salad and wondering how much time I have left here in the wind.

It is sunny, and bright, and beautiful,

And I don’t think I need a candle.

The East River is home today.