Week 29 – Sweetness


I’ve been told,

To wish others a sweet year,

Because bad things may be what we need some days.

I believe in the bitter and the sweet, 

In the honey and the sting.


Week 28 – Supermoon


Centre street is quiet.

The cars move, but it’s like a blanket has fallen on a busy city. 

The clouds are low, 

And things feel soft,

Flags waving over City Hall Park,

The leaves rippling as the crosstown bus moves past.

The financial district is slow and steady and quiet tonight.

Even the city that never sleeps,

Needs to rest its heart once in a while. 

My soul rests besides Broadway tonight.

Week 27: Thoughts on the G Train the Morning After Election Day

Thoughts on the G Train the Morning After Election Day

I woke up this morning.

You could say it’s a different world.

My window is still cold,

The subway is still crowded,

Tatiana the crossing guard is still helping the little girls from down the block cross the street before school this morning.

I wake up, and the world keeps turning,

The sun still rises,

Trains keep moving and my rent is still due.

We can move forward,

It’s the only direction we’ve been given. 

Week 27 – South Station, Again

South Station, Again

For the second time,

I’m moving through south station.

It’s been years, and I can smile at the memories.

I was so hopeful then,

But I left Michigan at the bar last night and knew it was for the best.

I love that growing up doesn’t always have to feel so scary,

That Boston can be something new to me even after a perfect day six years ago. 

It’s good to know new cities can feel as home as New York does tonight.