Week 17 – Thoughts on the End of Summer

Thoughts on the End of Summer

The train is strangely empty today.


Another work week is gone,

School begins again and the breath of the city changes.


Soon, the leaves will turn and a chill will be on the morning air,

Coats will come out of closets and cloudless afternoons on the pier will be memory.


Life is beginning to turn again with September.


Week 15 – Cattails


I sit on an early morning train to New York City,

And it doesn’t even occur to me to think of you.


Instead, I watch the wind on the meadowlands,

And try to tell cattails from phragmites.


I wonder if the beauty,

Is that after all this time,

Some days, I still can’t tell the difference.


Week 14 – Heat Wave

Heat Wave

I don’t understand,

How I can be water logged and melt,

At the same time.


Am I built of the same metals,

Or does the blood in my veins run different colors different days.


Humanity is crushed into a small steel box,

And we at least,

Will melt to calcium carbonate together.