Week 13 – Thoughts on Rain and Moving On

Thoughts on Rain and Moving On

The rain is coming down tonight,
And it is neither poetic nor beautiful.

I wonder why I always tell myself to move forward,
When my shoes are wet and the dirt from the street,
Has soaked into my socks.

Someone has to know why they say,
It’s always better to move on.


Week 11 – To My Grandma

To My Grandma

I love to listen to you speak Spanish.

It sounds like music in my ears.


Your voice curls like a gift around my hands,

And my heart warms with Cuban sun.


I am glad your hands reached my mom’s and hers can reach mine, so I can reach back to you again.

I will forever try to be a granddaughter you are proud of.

You taught me a love that knows no bounds.


Sometimes, I could spend hours just listening to the music of the love in your voice.