Week 8 – Apartment Hunting

Apartment Hunting

Growing up is hard to do.


I try not to cry in a train station,

Knowing my days are numbered that I will be there,

Going home.


Since I was fifteen, I’ve dreamed of fire escapes and small apartments,

But it is hard to unlock the window,

When it’s safe behind the glass.


The world waits for no one,

And rarely do I look before I begin to swim.


It is time to find my rhythm again.


Week 6 – Jungles


There are not enough things in life,

To write poems for.


But the roses bloom and I can see you in their petals,

Concrete jungles cannot change how much I love the sun.


The sweet soft scent of change is on the wind today.


Week 5 – Thoughts on Change

Thoughts on Change

This year, my professor told me not to cut the roots of plants,

So that they would stay alive after we finished studying them.


There is something comforting in if change never happened, we wouldn’t have butterflies.