Week 4 – Full Circle

Full Circle

The sun is out.

I drive as if I can roll back time.


It’s a beautiful day,

Like all of the ones that have been,

And next week the sun will shine again,

Over green valleys and hills.


It is strange that the end is so beautiful,

But I remember the first long drive down that road that leads home.


I tap the radio dial,

And the cattails are growing new stems on the side of the highway.


Life, in this place,

Has come again with the spring,

Full circle.


Week 3 – Explode


I wonder if there is a reason,

Why I love the sunsets,

When I cannot take the endings.


I see the sky fade to dark,

And I miss the daylight,

But there is something about the moment of change,

The color,

That touches me.


Let me explode into you.

Week 2 – Mess


Life is messy.


I want to drive into the sunset and go so far,

I lose the tune of the radio.

I don’t know how to fix you and me,

But I can try.


Everything is so messy right now.

It feels like the world is tumbling out of my hands.


But I suppose once we break,

We can only be put back together.


For every sunset there is a sunrise on the opposite horizon.

Week 1 – Sunsets

And so we begin. Weekly, I will be posting a poem until next April and the beginning of the next challenge. I am so excited to begin a yearlong endeavour writing poetry, and glad to be able to share it with you.

As always, happy reading.


The trees are blooming again,

And I drive down a road,

Where bare branches are pink again with new life.


I want to pause for a while,

Let the day stand still.


Today is the last Wednesday,

In a long swim of Wednesdays.


No ending,

No sunset is ever the same.

Day 31

Strangely, posting the last day of this challenge feels like such a beginning. For the month of April, I’ve successfully written a poem a day. It’s been my most successful challenge so far, and my favorite of all 4 that I’ve done. Writing every day is never easy, but I feel very lucky that every April I set aside the ten minutes every day to write a poem. With my upcoming graduation from college, writing every day has helped me reflect and process a lot of the changes happening in life right now.

Every year, the biggest part of this challenge, and the most rewarding, is seeing the people who have read and connected to my work. I’m so grateful to everyone who has taken time to do so. Thank you for letting me share my confusion, my joys, and my thoughts with you.

I like to end my poetry challenge on a beginning – and I’m happy to say that I’ll be repeating my weekly challenge for the rest of the year. Starting this first week of May, I’ll be posting a poem a week, and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

As always, happy reading,