Week 44 – Clean


Early morning thunderstorms,

Lay back and watch the lighting.


Soar across the sky and tear the world apart.

Bring the butterflies home,

Patch the world in clouds and deep clean the trees.


There is a loving comfort in such madness.


Week 42 -Clouds


The night is dark.

Fears coat the walls in shadows.


I close my eyes,

And let the water kiss my skin.


There is a love in the rainstorms,

A bravery and a strength among the clouds.


Wash over me and take me home.


Week 41 – Into the Sun

Into the Sun

Three years,

Three years and I’ve nearly laid you to rest in my memory.


Three years of a book open on my shelf.


You are my vines in a field of roses,

My snow in a cold November.


I run to you always, but our roads have met and diverged enough I know to tell my feet not to go back, to move forward.


We are imperfect people,

But our perfection was always the calm in the chaos.


I like to walk away from you, into the sun.


Week 40 – Love Letter

Love Letter

I come back to you like an old friend.

You embrace me in soft arms,

Hold me until I reach my equilibrium.


I pull my head under your water,

And close my eyes.

How I love to move in your rhythm.


You drown me until I am free.