Week 39 – Tea Lights

Tea Lights


The flame that never burns out.


I keep you like a lit candle,

Burning in a glass tea light.


I will watch the flames flicker forever.


Week 37 – Little Dipper

Little Dipper

The stars shine bright tonight.

The roll of the water,

The salt of the sea.


There is a certain calmness,

A rightness,

I feel.


My hair smells like saltwater.

The ocean melds with the sky on such a clear night.

Orion’s Belt twinkles overhead.

Maybe I am one soul in a universe,

But I know my place.


May the saltwater spray always mix with my hair,

May the water always feel like home.

Week 35 – Hudson


Rivers, and seas,

Between you and me.

The skyline twinkles in the background,

And we dance in circles,

In a burning room.


Roses and sun showers,

Rivers traced on our palms,

Butterflies on my skin and in your arms.

The soft touch of your hand in mine.

The deepest saltwater blue in our eyes,

As we sail together.


The river looks so beautiful in the early morning.