Week 34 – Drown Me

Drown Me

I miss the water.

Rushing through my system.

I miss the moments,

Swimming through and finding rhythm.

Drown me, let me breathe.

Let me be.


Week 33 – One Day, Someday

One Day, Someday

One day.


One day I will learn to leave things be.

But I can’t lie,

And I know that my heart dips when I think of you.


One day,

And I will truly believe it’s over.

It’s so hard for me to let go,

Even to the briefest things.


You are my August in January,

My someday,

I should stop hoping for.


My brain tells me to let go.

My heart knows another story.


Let go, come back to me, let go.

Believe in one day.

Week 32 – Burn


What is this night.


It is a whirlwind of sparkle and black,

And I sit here in an orange dress,

Wondering what makes me so different.


I wonder why kind hearts get broken,

And why it is so easy to swim blind,

But so hard to live eyes open.


I want to take off my heels and plunge into the water.


What is this night,

And why does it burn.

Week 31 – Lost and Found

Lost and Found

It’s quiet.

My hair is braided down my back,

My bean boots and sweater on.


It is wintertime,

And now I know for certain I am not her.

I’m me, long brown hair and glasses,

Awkward and sincere.


I know now.

I can’t compete, but I don’t have to.

This is my life,

And I will chase the sun before I will chase you.


I never lost you, but I found myself,

In the cattails and the soils, in books and in my heart.


Somehow that’s everything to me.