Week 30 – Winter



It’s almost end of fall.


How the time flies.


It was just the midst of a dream of summer,

And the leaves are frosted over.


Winter is nearly here.


Week 28 – Austenland


The rain is softly falling,

Quiet notes of country music fill my ears.

Things are familiar, and warm.

My hands feel small as they turn the pages,

And a large coffee mug sits forgotten on the dresser.

For a moment in the evening,

I can forget myself in the sounds of rain.

Learn to stay in the silence between us,

And fill it with the soft feathers of life.

Never am I lost in this darkness,

In this rain.

Week 27 – Complicated


Late nights,

Tears that won’t come.

A heart breaks in chill and silence.

Wishing there were things to say,

But the blossoms of summer,

Fall to the ground under my feet.

It is a beautiful October.

Can I shoot the leaves into my veins,

Relax the tempo of my heart.

I wish I could look into your eyes,

But in the end I am a dreamer,

And you were never mine,

And never mine to lose.