Week 26 – Ode to Summer Roses

Ode to Summer Roses

You are flowers,

Roses and thorns, glass slippers.

Too close and too far.

My hands reach,

But my fingertips brush, and I cannot touch.

Whatever I love, I lose.


Week 24 – October Flowers

October Flowers

October flowers.

The petals fall under the glass.

Dreams are fading.

Your hands leave butterfly patterns on my skin.

My heart still feels your fingertips,

Brush my soul.

You are a mist of saltwater,

And sunshine after rain.

I couldn’t love the mayhem more.

Updates and More

First of all, I’d like to begin with a thank you. These weekly poems have been both a pleasure and a challenge to write, and I’m very glad for the overwhelmingly positive response. I’ve watched both my writing and this blog grow over time, and I appreciate anyone who has taken five minutes of their day to read my work.

With that said, this is about the halfway point of my weekly poems. I’m starting to gear up already for daily postings in April and I’m excited to begin my fourth year completing this challenge. I remember starting this as a freshman in college in a tiny dorm room because I needed a creative outlet, and now as a senior I’m at a very exciting and also very uncertain period of my life while I figure out what I want to do after graduation. This blog, and writing in general, has always been helping me organize my thoughts and understand the world around me. I’m very proud of the journey I’ve been on and I hope that you enjoy the next few months of weekly poems.

As always, thank you for letting me share a snapshot of my world with you. Thank you for reading, and happy reading of poems to come.