Week 13 – Wild


Thunder, and lightning.

Silhouette against the windows.

For the first time in a long time,
There is a rightness to the madness.

I suppose there are some things,
Too wild, too broken,
To touch.


Week 12 – Drowning


There are things in this life,
To hold on to.

I need to smell the sunshine mixed with saltwater on my hair.

I know how the water moves,
How it changes,
I can spot the anomalies and understand why.

It is one thing that I can always count on,
The way it moves me.

I need to drown to be free.

Week 12 – Views From a Flight to Charlotte

Views From a Flight to Charlotte

Little lights go on.

Switches are flipped, and whole cities illuminate.

It is like someone turned the whole world alight.


Week 11 – Burning Room

Burning Room

Dance with me in a burning room.

Let the world glow around us.
I want to touch the embers in your skin.

Dance with me,
And we will learn each other’s rivers.


Week 11 – Dream


Can I dream.
Can I explore you,
Learn your rivers.

I sit beside you and try to hold myself still.
I know it is wrong,
But I’m slowly falling further into a water I can’t swim out of.

Can I dream of you.