Day 22 – Sapling Tree

Sapling Tree

You can say I am skeptical,
That I don’t believe in change.

You can simplify what I have dedicated my life to fighting for.

You do not understand,
The kind of change I seek.

You debate me,
While I am covered in pollen and sweat from testing your water,
My hiking boots rest next to a Shakespeare anthology.

I wonder in the science of our world,
In how the trees blossom and the birds sing,
In the rain shadow against mountains, in the wetlands, in the dust,
In how fish swim upstream to spawn,
And how their descendants find the same spot as they were born,
Completing the cycle.

It is those who rise and fall with the refrains of nature who will inherit the world,
And those who dream with our fingers in the dirt,
Who will know how to take care of it,
Know that the grass will grow the same way even after you burn it,
That its roots grow deeper than humans can touch.

You do not understand,
How a girl with her feet so sunk in the groundwater,
Can have her head in the summits of the trees.

I understand,
And I believe,
That change will come,
Like the small plant growing in the filtered sunlight, reaching its tiny branches toward the sun, breathing in the air,

Growing slowly,
Like the change I see,
Like me.


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